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US Department Of State Says Not To Go To Israel

Washington D.C. – If you’ve got a hankering to travel to Israel, the US Department Of State says not to do it. The US has released a travel warning, urging citizens and international travelers not to travel to Israel at this time. The warnings come after recent attacks and additional intelligence indicating that many more are bound to happen soon. There is a suspected risk of increased violent attacks in Israel, most of which will likely be perpetrated by Palestinians. Like the attack on a Synagogue that left more Americans dead than Israeli’s, similar violence is brewing.

US Department Of State Says Not To Go To Israel

Israel Map US Department of State

The US Department of State issued a warning to US citizens, claiming that travel should be halted to Israel. (Image from State.gov)

Today a Palestinian man savagely attacked a bus driver with a knife, and ran around stabbing people who were trying to flee the chaos. It was a cold-blooded attack, in which the attacker took other people’s lives into his own hands.

The travel warning includes Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. Previous warnings had included just the war-torn regions of Israel, but now it includes the entire region. The risk to lives is no longer limited to just the stray rockets and border scuffles, but now puts American lives in the direct path of crazed terrorists.

It is likely that terrorists would single out known American tourists in the region in order to make an attack against Western influence in the Middle East. Israeli’s are also at risk of being subject to these same attacks, as relations between Palestine and Israel seem to be weakening while the Islamic world ignites with outbursts of violence all around the globe.

US Department Of State Says Not To Go To Israel.

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