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Get Ready To Spend The Next 2 Sundays On The Couch

The two upcoming weekends are going to be big events for television. These big deals will be keeping the typical American glued to their couch, with their eyes on the TV screen. First, we have the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday February 1st. That will definitely have a lot of people captivated as they celebrate touchdowns, and worship half-time commercials. Then after all the snacks are put away, it’s time to spend the rest of the week recovering. The following Sunday has a back to back line-up that is sure to capture a lot of attention as well. On Sunday February 8th, AMC returns with “The Walking Dead”, and the series debut of “Better Call Saul” comes out as well.

Get Ready To Spend The Next 2 Sundays On The Couch

Better Call Saul Showtime

Bob Odenkirk sets the stage for a potentially big TV Spin-off with AMC’s “Better Call Saul.” (Image from AMC)

From the NFL to AMC, there are plenty of reasons to get comfy on the couch over these next two weeks. There will likely be a lot of talk around the office on these upcoming Mondays, as people hack out the details of their favorite Super Bowl moments, and share the best spoilers. If you were ever a fan of “Breaking Bad”, you should already have your DVR set to record the opening episodes of “Better Call Saul”, that’s if you didn’t already cancel all of your other commitments to stay at home and watch it.

The “Better Call Saul” debut is going to include a 60-minute episode that sets the stage for the series tone. Even though many had expected the spin-off series to be a type of comedy, the writers actually elected to keep it a TV drama in the spirit of “Breaking Bad”, but were sure to include a lot of Saul Goodman’s memorable comedy. Saul Goodman was one of the most memorable characters from “Breaking Bad” who offered a sort of comic relief to contrast the show’s dark storyline, and giving just the right amount of laughter when needed.

Get Ready To Spend The Next 2 Sundays On The Couch.

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