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Pet Obesity in the US is Getting Common

Obesity has hit more than one-third of US adults already, but now, what’s concerning most scientists is the fact that their pets are also turning into victims of this lifestyle disorder.

The findings of a new study have found that overfeeding and lack of exercise is probably what is causing obesity among many pets in the US. Around 43.8 million dogs in the US (making up to 52%) were found to be obese in the year 2013, while around 57.6% of pet cats too, fell prey to this condition.

In accordance to the statement of the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention, one out of every five pet cats and dogs is obese. There are many risks associated with being overweight though the pet owners may find their chubby pets cute and healthy.

Overweight or Obesity Common among US Pets

Overweight or Obesity Common among US Pets

Overweight and obese pets are at a higher risk of being affected with diseases like osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, respiratory issues, cranial cruciate or anterior knee ligament injury, kidney disease and even cancer as suggested by the veterinary experts.

Some of these weight gaining issues can even be more common among pets during the colder months of the year as per researchers. The caretakers avoid taking their pets outside for exercise when the temperature drops in the winter season. Caretakers might even overfeed their pet during such a season.

Reducing the food intake of one’s pet by around 25% and limiting the number of treats and snacks can help to reduce food intake by close to 25% could be the possible solution to this growing concern.

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