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Tiger Woods Tied For 104th Place At Waste Management Open

Scottsdale, Arizona – Tiger Woods makes his return to the Waste Management Open (formerly the Phoenix Open), with an unimpressive start on Thursday. The former champion has struggled to get his golf swing down, as he makes his glorious return to the professional sport. Even though he is currently sharing the 104th spot on the leader board, he still managed to swing only a 2 over. That kind of score might get you far on the local fairways, but in the highly competitive field of professional golfing, that’s barely making the cut.

Tiger Woods Tied For 104th Place At Waste Management Open

Tiger Woods Swinging In 2007

Tiger Woods struggles to find his groove as he trails the pack in 104th place. (Image from Wikipedia)

In recent years Tiger Woods has turned down the Phoenix Open, as a sign that he detested the atmosphere there. The event’s 16th Hole is the home of a notoriously rowdy crowd that mixes day drinking with raunchy attitudes. The whole event is more of a way for successful socialites to cut loose for a few days and celebrate the excesses of their desired lifestyle. As players compete for the $6.3 million prize purse, the Scottsdale Tournament Players Club draws in significantly more revenue.

Now that Tiger’s career is on an upswing once again, and the coffers have begun to run dry, he seems to be showing up all over the place to compete in the PGA. Though not an avid golf fan myself, Tiger Woods is definitely one of the most memorable faces and names in the game’s history. Tiger’s career could end this week, and he would still have held some impressive records that will be hard for any new player to beat. He seems determined not to give up, but this has certainly not been the Tiger Woods that we are accustomed to coming out for these events as of late. Once he perfects his new swing though, he could return in a major way.

Tiger Woods Tied For 104th Place At Waste Management Open.

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