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ISIS Finally Defeated In Kobani Syria Thanks To Coalition Airstrikes

Kobani, Syria – The Islamic State had been suffering major setbacks in the Syrian town of Kobani, which was formerly one of its strongholds. The Northern Syrian town was an ideal location near the Syria, Iraq, and Turkey borders. This city provided a logistical advantage to the terrorist group, allowing them to transport troops and supplies more easily between nations. Now ISIS has admitted that they were defeated in this town, placing the majority of the blame on the US-led coalition airstrikes.

ISIS Finally Defeated In Kobani Syria Thanks To Coalition Airstrikes

ISIS Admits Defeat In Kobani

A screen capture from an Aamaq News Agency video shows some of the destruction in Kobani caused by the fighting between ISIS and other forces. (Image from Manbar.me)

Defeating ISIS as a whole is far from over, as the group still maintains the ranks of roughly 40,000 – 50,000 troops. These fighters are all volunteers who believe they are fighting a holy war to form a righteous Islamic State for others to live in. Motivated by a hatred for Western culture, and love of the Quran these fighters have fought bravely in dire struggles in the Middle East. ISIS is different that a lot of other Islamic Extremist groups in the Middle East. Unlike Hamas and Hezbollah, ISIS does not have the formal backing of any recognized world government. This makes them renegades no matter which country’s borders they stand in.

The airstrikes that uprooted the Islamic fighters worked well in conjunction with efforts on the ground from Syrian and Kurdish forces who brought the battle to the streets as well. These groups gathered intelligence for airstrikes, as well as participated in some classic street warfare with the opposing troops.

Defiantly though, ISIS claims that they will be returning to Kobani to take a hold of it once again. The loss of control over this town proves to be a significant blow to the morale of the group, who has also been losing their hostage negotiations with foreign countries. Though setback, the war for both sides is far from over. This by no means signals a period of decline in violence, as ISIS troops continue their reign of terror.

ISIS Finally Defeated In Kobani Syria Thanks To Coalition Airstrikes.

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