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ISIS Beheads Kenji Goto Jogo In Wake Of Moral Defeat

A new video released by ISIS shows the British beheader Jihadi John cutting the head off of the Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo. The 47 year old journalist had been held captive by the Islamic State, and used as a bargaining chip to attempt to extort $200 million from the Japanese government. Despite holding back on the execution for much longer than their original threat, the terrorists likely felt that their troops needed a morale boost after admitting their defeat in Kobani. With the life of the Jordanian pilot still up in the air, countries are still unsure of whether to cooperate with the terrorist’s demands.

ISIS Beheads Kenji Goto Jogo In Wake Of Moral Defeat

Jihadi John Beheads Kenji Goto Jogo

A still from an ISIS video shows the British national Jihadi John a moment before he allegedly beheaded Japanese journalist Kenji Goto Jogo.

Jordan has said defiantly this week that they would execute every single one of their ISIS prisoners if the life of Moaz al-Kasasbeh was ended. Initially they had not given a hint that they would comply with demands to release a female prisoner, but then later changed their tone. At the beckoning of the pilot’s family and other supporters, Jordan began to reconsider their choices with the hostage negotiation. Though no prisoners have been exchanged, it seems that Jordan is looking for more time to figure their situation out.

The family of the Japanese hostage spoke out to express their grief over the loss of Kenji Goto Jogo. Kenji was not a war-fighter, and had only been in Syria to photograph the war as a journalist. His unfortunate capture put him and another Japanese hostage in the international spotlight when their beheadings were threatened weeks ago. Now that it appears both of their lives have been taken, the Japanese government has a lot of unrest to handle.

Almost every country has struggled with the logistics, morality, and ethics of negotiating with terrorists who threaten the very lives of millions across the globe. South Africa had come close to negotiating the release of their hostage held by Al-Qaeda, but the operation was botched by a US-led intervention to secure an American hostage.

ISIS Beheads Kenji Goto Jogo In Wake Of Moral Defeat.

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