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Suicide Bomber Missed Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan

Borno, Nigeria – His name may prove to be prophetic after President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria narrowly missed a suicide bomber. The blast was expected to take out Nigeria’s president, just days before the country’s elections are to take place. The country is expecting a lot of violence, especially targeting polling places in the coming election, since Boko Haram has long been suspected of disrupting the people’s will to vote. As the country suffers regular terror from the Islamic extremists, butchering and bombing has become a daily occurrence for the newspaper headlines.

Suicide Bomber Missed Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan almost lost his life today to a suicide bomber. The blast was timed too late to have reached the president, but he is suspected of being the intended target. (Image from Wikipedia)

Nigeria is hoping to remove Boko Haram in the coming months or years, but even with the help and coordination of foreign governments, it proves hard. Until they can get the type of resources that are currently being used to repel ISIS in the Middle East, Boko Haram will likely plague these parts of Africa.

The country’s elections are scheduled to be held on February 14th, and the government fully plans to heighten security as a measure to deter as much violence at the polls as possible. In the past there has been a lot of harassing of those who have voted, including murder and dismemberment.

Another big hope for this coming election is for the political party known as the People’s Democratic Party to be voted out of office once and for all. This party has drawn a lot of criticism in the past years, and is losing its place in politics. By controlling some of the voting places, Boko Haram has hopes of maintaining the ruling authority of the PDP for the next term.

Suicide Bomber Missed Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan.

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