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Apple To Replace iPhoto With A New App Named “Photos”

There is a nice development that is about unfold this coming spring to the happy surprise of the lage majority of Mac users, as the outdated iPhoto will finally get the boot in favor of the new “Photos” (without the “i”). The new app will then serve as a sort of an image archive for the flagship iPhones.



The Photos is not only user-friendly since it is faster than its precursor and it is cinched to work will the iCloud. Now users will always have their images on their mobile handsets and edits them anytime.

The mobile version of Photos launched with iOS 8 in September 2014, and the desktop app was promised for early 2015.

Depending on your definition of “early 2015,” Apple is either on track or late to deliver on its promise. Today, the company provided an update on the status of the app, saying that it will release Photos for OS X this spring (the company declined to provide a more specific timeline), as part of a larger update to OS X Yosemite. But if you’re a developer, you can get a beta version of the new Photos desktop app starting today.

Before today’s beta release, Apple gave me the opportunity to have some brief hands-on time with the app — not nearly enough time to do a thorough review, but enough to gather these early impressions.

With Photos for OS X, Apple has managed to build an app that feels both refreshingly new and comfortably familiar. For me, there was barely a learning curve in jumping from iPhoto to Photos.

Much like the iOS 8 app, photos in the desktop Photos app are organized based on when and where you took them, and grouped under the bigger umbrellas of Collections and Years.

Apple To Replace iPhoto With A New App Named “Photos”.

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