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High There Dating App Is Tinder For Tokers

High There! is a new Denver-based dating app designed for pairing pot pundits. Much like Tinder, the new dating app is designed specifically for matching marijuana smokers.

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Would you date this pot smoker?/Image: PortHoo

According to information from the Google Play store, the dating app is currently available only for Android phones and exclusively in American states where the use of marijuana is legal. As this goes to press, High There! does not yet have an iPhone app. Several sources do, however, report that an iPhone app is currently in production.

High There! is much like Tinder in that the app allows users to build profiles and swipe through numerous potential matches. Additionally, app users can learn what other marijuana users enjoy doing while they’re high.

Google Play’s preview of the new app reveals that users also have the option of setting their energy levels. If one wishes to “veg out” they use the “low” setting. Those who wish to go for a run after blazing away set their level to “high”.

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Would you date this pot smoker?/Image: NewGirlWallpaper

High There! also couples cannabis consumers based on their preferences for using THC such as “vaping” or “smoking”. According to the new app’s download page, “High There! solves the problem many cannabis consumers face in connecting with similar people. Whether looking to connect with new friends, current friends, fellow patients, or simply to find that special someone who understands and supports your choice to consume, High There! helps by giving you a safe place to express yourself.”

CEO Todd Mitchem told the press that the app is actually more than a dating app. He told Mashable: “A lot of people say we’re the Tinder of weed, but that’s only one facet of the whole thing. It’s so much bigger.” He concluded that the new app can be used just to make friends or it can be used to get “recommendations for local medical marijuana dispensaries.”

High There Dating App Is Tinder For Tokers

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