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“Seal It With A Hiss”: Bronx Zoo’s Name-A-Roach Valentine’s Gift

At a loss for what to get that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Fear not, as the Bronx Zoo has come up with a special offer that is nearly impossible to pass up. For all you hopeless romantics out there this Valentine’s Day, you can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after that ex you wish you never dated, your mother-in-law you can’t stand, or maybe even your current love who’s got a unique interest for insects.

At just $10, you can name a cockroach, with the proceeds going to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and each lucky recipient will receive a colorful certificate by e-mail.

Bronx Zoo

(Photo: Madagascar Hissing Cockroach/Wikipedia)

The zoo said Monday that thousands of “hopeless romantics” have already taken advantage of this unique sweetheart offer and said it has plenty of roaches to name with thousands of bus on exhibit.

The Bronx Zoo’s website features a jarring glamor shot, a 2-inch-wide roach photo, resplendent amid rose petals. The headline reads: “Seal it with a Hiss.”

Madagascar hissing roaches are the world’s largest roach species, reaching close to four-inches long, according to the Bronx Zoo. Among its unique features is the creatures “surprisingly high tolerance for radiation.”

The offer on the Bronx Zoo’s website reads: “Back by popular demand, this Valentine’s Day we’re again offering you the opportunity to name one of the Bronx Zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroaches for your special someone. Don’t miss out. Though this holiday tradition began in 2011, tens of thousands of these hissing cockroaches remain nameless.”

By naming a roach, the zoo writes that you’ll “also be helping us conserve species big and small, beautiful and damned. With your support, we’ll continue to work for wildlife in the forests of Madagascar and throughout the world’s most majestic wild places.”

The Name-a-Roach program first began in 2011 and has held strong ever since.

For more information or if you would like to take up this enticing offer, visit www.bronxzoo.com/roach.

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