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Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks Score ESPN Ad

Mere days following the February 1 Super Bowl, Katy Perry’s halftime show sharks scored not only a guest appearance on the Late Late Show but also an ESPN SportsCenter commercial. The 42-spot is named “This Is SportsCenter – Sharks.”


Katy Perry and The Sharks/Image: YouTube

The ad opens on Left Shark and Right Shark driving to work on a blustery winter day following their Super Bowl performance with Perry. The dancing duo head into the office a remove their heads as the audience learns the pair of prancing ocean dwellers are none other than SportsCenter anchors John Anderson and Bram Weinstein.

Anderson says to Weinstein: “I can’t believe they sent us down there to work.”

“Me either,” Weinstein responds. He then asks: “Hey, I wasn’t too out of sync, was I?”

Anderson replies: “No, and if you were, I bet nobody even noticed.”

The commercial is then captioned: “Halftime is over and it’s time for the sharks to go back to work. Shark costumes designed by Katy Perry, Baz Halpin and Marina Toybina.”

Since their halftime performance, Perry’s pair of shimmying sharks has reportedly gone viral on the internet. There have already even been legal issues cropping up.


Katy Perry and The Sharks/Image: Twitter

Fernando Sosa of Orlando, Florida got into trouble after he started selling figurines of Left Shark on the web. The “Dark Horse” doll’s attorney sent Sosa a cease and desist letter and demanding that he halt all sales of the finny figurines.

Sosa has since hired his own attorney. This past Monday Sosa posted a message in his blog saying:

“Usually when it comes to small business owners, when the lawyers come after you the outcome is usually pretty predictable. Lawyer sends you a threatening letter and in fear of legal action you do whatever the lawyer tells you to do. I decided to finally take a stand and break the usual cycle of rolling over or giving into legal threats.”

A source at CNN state that Sosa’s representatives claim that Perry’s dancing duo can’t be copyrighted. They believe the NFL could very well have had more power over the recent halftime show than the “I Kissed A Girl” girl.

Chris Springman, Sosa’s attorney, told the Perry’s people: “Going ahead with these very dubious copyright claims will not benefit Katy Perry.” Sosa will allegedly continue to market his figurines for now.

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Sharks Score ESPN Ad

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