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7 Dogs Stolen From Doggy Day Care Van Found One Day Later

Sevens dogs stolen from a doggy day care van Wednesday have been safely reunited with their owners after two men dognapped the pouches outside a pet day care in Chicago.

The doggy day care owner originally told the Chicago Tribune the van’s driver was ordered away from it at gunpoint Wednesday, but surveillance video released Thursday shows that the van was unattended when two men approached it, got inside and drove off.

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The van was located about 4 miles from the doggy day care, when a woman called police after seeing a dog sitting inside for at least an hour in frigid temperatures.

A witness told police that one of the thieves pointed a gun at him when he tried to stop the minivan soon after it was stolen, Seattlepi reported. A surveillance video did not show either man brandish a gun.

Chicago police released surveillance video Friday. The video from Wednesday afternoon shows the van bump into a wall before one of the suspects put it in reverse and sped away. The van was en route home from Urban Out Sitter’s doggy day care, a company that offers pet boarding, day care and dog walking services.

Tad Tomita, the owner of one of the stolen dogs – a 3-year-old miniature schnauzer named Mochi told ABC News, “We picked her up from where the van was found. She was cold but extremely happy to see us.”

Tomita said his wife texted him to tell him their dog Mochi had been stolen.

“I didn’t understand what that meant,” Tomita said. “When I called her and she told me what happened, I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. It’s so surreal.”

Tomita said he and his mother spent the morning driving around the Southwest side of the city, searching for his missing pooch. It reached -8 degrees in Chicago overnight while the pooches were held hostage.

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