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ADHD Linked to a Higher Risk of Premature Death

The findings of a new study have now revealed that individuals affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at twice the risk of dying prematurely as opposed to those who are healthy.

These findings have highlighted the seriousness of this disorder, and the study, which included more than 2 million people, also revealed that accidents were the most common causes of death in these individuals. Plus, the risk was even higher in women and those who were diagnosed with ADHD during adulthood.

Infact, people who were diagnosed with this disease after 18 years of age were 4 times more likely to die early.

“Our results add to the overwhelming existing evidence that ADHD is a true disorder and should not be taken lightly,” said lead researcher Dr. Soren Dalsgaard, a senior researcher at Aarhus University.

While the actual number of premature deaths associated with ADHD is still small, it is important to note that this condition increases the risk by 2 times, and of the 32,000 people affected by ADHD, 107 died early.

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

ADHD is basically a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects around 11 percent of those aged between 4 to 17, and is symptomized by impulsive, hyperactive and inattentive behaviour, which often causes the individual to be negatively affected in social situations. In lots to cases, this conditions persists until adulthood as well.

“It’s common for people with ADHD to be impulsive and act without thinking, which can lead to accidents,” said Stephen Faraone, author of an accompanying journal editorial.

ADHD often occurs with several behavioural problems such as substance abuse, angry and irritable behaviour, rule following problems etc.

The researchers claim that the best way to reduce the risk of this premature death is to tackle ADHD. Most treatment options for this disorder revolve around meditation, training, psychotherapy and a combination of them all.

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