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ISIS Goons Topple And Destroy Ancient Relics In Iraq

Mosul, Iraq – The threats and destruction caused by the Islamic State have spread from capturing people and murdering them, to now releasing footage of ancient artifacts being destroyed. These self-gratifying idiots have taken to smashing relics of humanity’s ancient past which can never be replaced. The Assyrian artifacts that they have smashed and destroyed are among some of the oldest known pieces of our ancient culture. Various videos and photos have come forth of people dressed in all black clothing toppling statues in a museum and then smashing them with sledgehammers, and others using power tools to cause irreversible damage to ancient statues.

ISIS Goons Topple And Destroy Ancient Relics In Iraq

ISIS Destroys Ancient Iraq Sites

ISIS fighters have taken to destroying pieces of antiquity all over Iraq. (Image from Wikipedia)

The artifacts being destroyed are apparently threatening to the autocracy of ISIS, and they have taken personal action to go out of their way to document their destruction of these statues. The statues are thousands of years old, and are part of Iraq’s rich ancient history. Rather than embracing the value of these sites, ISIS has chosen to reject them completely. These statues aren’t being destroyed as collateral damage in combat actions, but are simply being destroyed for what looks like a fun activity.

There are also reports that ISIS has managed to burn the Mosul Library to the ground, which housed thousands of ancient manuscripts. If you ever needed proof that this group is bad news, and threatens the lives of virtually every person on Earth, this may just be the beginning. Their blatant destruction is causing an identity crisis among Iraqis who cherish these ancient sites and museums. It has been a demoralizing blow to the people of Iraq, and those who study the ancient world.

ISIS reports that the statues are anti-Islamic, despite the statues out-dating the Islamic religion by thousands of years.

ISIS Goons Topple And Destroy Ancient Relics In Iraq.

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