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5 Backyard Pools That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s freezing in most parts of the US right now, so here are some incredible private backyard pools that will remind you that summer is a thing that exists.

"glass pool netherlands"
“Wellness Garden” by Eric Kant Contemporary Design
Location: Netherlands

This glass pool looks like an aquarium for humans.

"eric kant pool"The backyard features a fountain, sauna, and outdoor living room.

"perimeter overflow pool"Play castle at the bottom not included.

"private pool kansas city"
“The Woods French Country” by Liquify Pools & Spas
Location: Kansas City

Fashion meets function in this French-inspired backyard pool.

"fountain water feature"

This pool is huge, making it ideal for some laps or long-distance Toypedo!

"backyard pool at night"

Plus it looks sweet at night.

"zen pool"
“Drake Street” by Cosdesign
Location: Australia
This Australian pool is more zen than “cannonball!!”

"modern australian pool"

Or the site of a final battle in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

"pool photography modern"

“Black Onyx” by Shane LeBlanc
Location: Atlanta

Forget swimming, just stare at the thing.

"black floor pool"

The dark floor reflects the tree and skyline.

"in pool hot tub"
Yes, that’s a hot tub in the pool.

"private pool water slide"
Untitled by Alder Group
Location: San Francisco

This Mediterranean pool is for kids & aesthetes alike.

"san francisco pool"
Hot tub, fountain, water slide

"planters by pool"

What more could you ask for?!

Which one do you like most? Let us know in the comments.

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