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Facebook Looking To Use Software To Prevent Suicide

Menlo Park, California – Suicidal people are increasingly posting their pleas and final words online using social media, and Facebook is one of the more common sources. With access to this level of personal information, and status history, Facebook feels that they can use their software to prevent suicides. By alerting Facebook of certain posts and social media behaviors, they will be able to post messages on user’s accounts to give them access to immediate crisis prevention.

Facebook Looking To Use Software To Prevent Suicide

Facebook Software Detect Suicidal Content

Facebook will be improving their software to help detect suicidal content that may not even be reported by other users. (Image from Facebook)

Either way, Facebook still encourages their users to report any suspicious mental health activity to their local resources or authorities. Sometimes there are posts that warn of homicidal behavior, and these should have action taken to avert them as well. Facebook currently allows all users the ability to report posts to their administrators for various reasons, including violent threats and suicidal threats.

New Facebook alerts will ask users some questions when suspected activity is reported or detected. These pop-ups will send a meaningful message to the user and give them the option to get immediate help from either a friend or a hotline worker.

Sometimes all these people need is a chance to be heard, and they think that nobody cares enough to listen. Other times they lack the resources to get help, or the mental capacity to seek help on their own. Often time help has to come to them, as they will usually not go out of their way to seek assistance.

This assistance will only be effective if the user happens to be on Facebook at the time that the alerts are triggered. If a user creates a post that gets reported later and they are not online, they will not be contacted by other means yet. There are some concerns for how effective this service will be, but the aim is to save as many lives as they can while knowing that they probably won’t be able to save them all.

Facebook Looking To Use Software To Prevent Suicide.

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