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21 Year Old California Man Convicted Of Trying To Join ISIS

Los Angeles, California – Adam Dandach, 21, was convicted on Wednesday on earlier charges that involved falsifying a passport application so he could fly to Syria and join ISIS. In July 2014, Adam Dandach was intercepted by authorities at the airport while trying to board an international flight. The original flight would have taken him to Turkey, where he would have followed through with other arrangements to head to Syria. This trip turned short, as he never even left the country.

21 Year Old California Man Convicted Of Trying To Join ISIS


Dreaming of being a Jihadist like those pictured, tempted then 20 year old Adam Dandach to want to fly to Syria and join ISIS. (Image from Wikipedia)

With his scraggly neckbeard in tow, Adam Dandach headed to the John Wayne International Airport. There he was hoping to take his one-way ticket to Turkey so that he could catch a ride into Syria. Over in Turkey they must have some sort of complimentary shuttle service to the front lines in Iraq and Syria, which come complimentary with your one-way airline tickets. You still have to pay a fee for any carry-ons or checked luggage, so it’s probably best to pack lightly. Once there, it is expected that the young recruits will give up on showering and devote the rest of their lives to murdering innocent victims, all because of chronically high unemployment rates in the youthful population.

Long gone will be the days of 4chan, and Reddit, as fresh recruits will be expected to pray on their hands and knees and practice somersaulting down hills with an AK-47 in hand. Poor little Adam Dandach missed out, since he got himself caught. He confessed that his greatest regret wasn’t so much getting caught, or being disowned by his parents, but was the fact that he never got to make it overseas where his new friends awaited. Friends were something that Dandach must have never really had at home, and girls were certainly out of the question. Now Dandach will likely need to spend plenty of years behind bars in a US Prison, after being convicted of terrorism charges and obstruction of justice.

One thing we should have begun worrying about sooner in the United States is that groups like ISIS can easily infiltrate our cities, and already have. They may not have set up recruiting stations in the mall next to the Dairy Queen yet, but they have been reaching youth groups in certain parts of the country. Adam Dandach represents only a small piece of the picture when it comes to the appeal of ISIS in America, and their assistance with getting new troops overseas.

21 Year Old California Man Convicted Of Trying To Join ISIS.

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