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Facebook’s 10,000 Employees Pales In Comparison To Google’s 55,000

Menlo Park, California – If you think back 16 years ago and reflect on how people looked up information, the answer was probably a dictionary, library, encyclopedia, or phone book. Fast forward only a couple years later, and the world had become well versed in the term Google. Nowadays the expression to Google something is almost as synonymous with looking something up as the word Kleenex is to the tissue. It is hard to compare too many companies to the explosive success of Google, but if there is one of the few, that company might be Facebook.

Facebook’s 10,000 Employees Pales In Comparison To Google’s 55,000

Facebooks 10,000 Employees Seems Small Compared To Google's Payroll

Mark Zuckerberg claims that his hiring practice is a part of what has made Facebook such a successful company. (Image from Facebook)

Long after Google claimed the search engine market, and seemingly ousted all of the competition overnight, Mark Zuckerberg was still just an aspiring student at Harvard University. The year 2004 rolled around, and social media had become the new buzz. All of a sudden everyone seemed to want a MySpace profile, but very few had yet to hear about Facebook. Within a few short years, Facebook would be a household name all across the world, and the 20-something Mark Zuckerberg found himself with a net worth in the tens of billions of dollars.

Facebook is one of the worlds most recognizable brands in this day and age, yet their company is home to only about 10,000 employees world wide. That size is gigantic when compared to most companies who just barely celebrated their 10 year anniversary, but it is nowhere near as big as some of the other tech giants like Microsoft or Google.

Google employs more than 55,000 people worldwide, from coding gurus and ad wizards all the way down to office staff. They also have one of the most innovative campuses of any major corporation. Facebook on the other hand has roughly 10,000 employees and also has the highest paid corporate executive on the world. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg claims that his success comes from some basic principles that he holds true across the entire company, and one of those is his hiring ethos.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced this week at at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that his hiring practice is part of what has made the company a huge success. By being very selective in the hiring process, Zuckerberg feels that he has allowed his company to remain effective with a smaller than average sized staff. His rule is that he will only hire someone if he feels that he himself would want to work for that person. This type of attitude may be easy to realize, but extremely difficult to put into practice.

Facebook and companies of its scale have the luxury of attracting a serious amount of applicants for most job positions. This allows them to be hyper selective in their hiring process, and to accept some of the best candidates on the market. Zuckerberg’s philosophy not only helps his company hire qualified people. but in theory it allows the company to hire a type of person that would be a good fit for the company’s culture as well.

Facebook’s 10,000 Employees Pales In Comparison To Google’s 55,000.

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