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Facebook’s New ‘Feeling Fat’ Emoticon Gets a Thumbs Down

Facebook’s latest ‘Feeling Fat’ emoticon has now been largely disapproved, and an appeal has been made on Change.org to push the social marketing website to remove this emoticon, which is actually nothing but a smiley face with fatter and chubbier cheeks.

Many men and women believe that this emoticon is just worsening the stigma that fat people face on a daily basis, while others believe it is just an emoticon.

Apparently, a lot of people have found this new emoticon offensive, since a new movement called ‘Endangered Bodies’ has been started following this introduction, which aims to help improve a person’s self image.

This campaign also focused on the fact that there are several challenges fat people face on a daily basis, including discrimination at work, mistreatment, less wages and disrespect even by their own physicians.

Facebook’s Fat Emoticon Gets a Thumbs Down

Facebook’s Fat Emoticon Gets a Thumbs Down

This campaign also highlighted that by allowing people to say that they’re feeling ‘fat’ in their status, it would imply that being fat is actually bad. Some members also commented on this emoticon and think that this will actually pave the way for making fun of people who believe they’re fat, particularly those who’re fighting eating disorders.

Most people affected by conditions such as bulimia and anorexia have a negative image about their body size- they seem to think that they’re overweight, even though they’re not, and tend to follow a very restricted diet that could possibly leave them malnourished as well.

This campaign has finally reached Change.org along with a petition which has over 12,000 supporters in just 14 days. This campaign has also been featured by many popular websites and media such as Cosmopolitan UK and Bustle.

And when it came to Facebook’s view on it all, a spokesperson said “People use Facebook to share their feelings with friends and support each other.” He also added that emoticons are basically a tool to help people express their feelings to friends and family in a much better way.

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