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Mali Nightclub Shooter Said Nothing And Killed 5 People

Bamako, Mali – A witness at the nightclub said that they saw a man wearing a hood over his head while carrying a large machine gun go up the stairs to a Mali nightclub. Moments later shots were fired, and the gunman came back down the stairs. Outside the nightclub he fired some more shots, killing others before he fled in a vehicle. In total 9 people were shot, leaving 5 of them dead. Two of the dead victims were foreign nationals from France and Belgium.

Mali Nightclub Shooter Said Nothing And Killed 5 People

Bamako Mali

A nightclub in Bamako Mali became the target of a small terrorist attack last night as 9 people were shot, killing 5. (Image from Wikipedia)

The truth about the shooting is still unclear, as witnesses release stories that seemingly contradict each other. One thing that remains fairly consistent between accounts is that the shooting occurred with very little commotion. The shooter, or shooters, did not shout demands and threats prior to firing their shots. As soon as they came, they left and the whole situation ended rather quickly.

The United Nations has worked hard in the past couple years to stabilize the country of Mali after it became overrun with Al-Qaeda terrorists. Though there have been many successes, the country is still not completely cleared out. Last night’s act is seen as a possible act of international terrorism intended to target foreign nationals. Both Mali and France are launching an investigation to probe for details behind the shooting.

Mali is a strongly Islamic country in Africa near the Niger river, and like so many other Islamic countries in Africa it has been a hotbed for terrorism. The poor economic conditions make the area ripe for terrorism, and is partially fueled by religious extremism. Groups like Al-Qaeda are just one of the types of groups that hold strong roots in countries like this. It is common for violence to break out randomly in the country, but last night’s plot seemed to be specifically targeted at certain types of individuals.

Mali Nightclub Shooter Said Nothing And Killed 5 People.

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