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University Of Oklahoma Bans Sigma Alpha Epsilon After Racial Chant

Norman, Oklahoma – A disturbing video surfaced on Sunday featuring some of the University of Oklahoma‘s fraternity boys chanting a horrific song. The video appeared to be filmed on a bus, and depicted fraternity members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chanting a song that was explicit racist, and mentioned some dark phrases. The group also mentioned in the video how black students would never be admitted into the university’s chapter of this national fraternity. Well, the fraternity got what it wished, and no longer has to worry about blacks getting admitted. Nor do they have to worry about any of the University of Oklahoma’s students getting admitted.

University Of Oklahoma Bans Sigma Alpha Epsilon After Racial Chant

SAE Chapter At OU Closed After Racist Video

University of Oklahoma’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was closed on Monday for good. A video surfaced on Sunday that showed some of the University’s student chanting racists songs and making vulgar statements. (Image from Wikipedia)

Not only did the president of the university, David Boren, kick the fraternity off campus, but he also ordered their frat house shuttered closed. The college campus wasted no time retaliating for the actions in the video, and students gathered early Monday morning to form protests against the fraternity. In this case, the school may have taken the right course of action, though some argue the fraternity should be protected by the Constitution.

Officially speaking, the national council for the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon confirmed their member’s participation in Sunday’s video and apologized profusely. The actions of the University of Oklahoma chapter likely had no bearing on the national fraternity’s official beliefs.

Monday also saw the UO football team forgo their usual practice, and instead taking part in the protests against Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s actions.

There is no word on whether the university’s decision to boot the fraternity off campus will be a permanent decision, or what individual punishments the involved students should expect to face. It is likely that each of the students involved in the video will be kicked out of the university, and most likely from their fraternity as well. Their actions brought a lot of shame and embarrassment to their fraternity brothers all across the country.

University Of Oklahoma Bans Sigma Alpha Epsilon After Racial Chant.

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