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Banned Antibiotics Still Being Added to Milk

Antibiotic resistance is undoubtedly the biggest concern that’s pestering healthcare practitioners since the last few years, and while there are several studies that point out to the downside of overuse of antibiotics, people are still using these medications haphazardly.

It has now been found that many antibiotics are now turning up in cow’s milk, which is actually making milk unsafe for human consumption. Just recently, the FDA conducted a survey of milk samples to check whether farms were finally turning to pure milk. They tested milk samples from 2000 dairy farms of which half already had a history of violations when it came to rules.

These milk samples were then screened for the presence of 31 different drugs and it was found that residues of six of these drugs were found, and the most commonly found residue was that of the antibiotic Florfenicol. What’s shocking is the fact that all of the drug residues that were found were actually not approved for use in lactating dairy cattle.

FDA Reveals Small Percentage of Dairy Farmers Still Use Antibiotics Illegally

FDA Reveals Small Percentage of Dairy Farmers Still Use Antibiotics Illegally

While the presence of these banned substances in milk is alarming, considering the fact that the number of violations are low, the researchers believe that the current policies are working as they should be.

The FDA will now continue to look for ways to eradicate this illegal use of drugs by dairy farmers, and will expand their current testing arrays to include more drugs which could then be detected in milk.

Antibiotic traces are often found in milk, since they are used on cattle to help keep them healthy, however, residues that exceed the threshold levels of antibiotics are considered illegal and if consumed for a longer period of time, they could also prompt allergies and other reactions.

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