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Utah Prepares To Reinstate Firing Squad For Death Penalty

Salt Lake City, Utah – Utah may be the first state in the union to flesh out a plan to kill death row inmates when lethal injection is not available. As some people lobby to make the drugs used to kill inmates harder and harder to obtain, this state isn’t going to let that set back any of their executions. The thought of dying by a firing squad, instead of the potentially more pleasant lethal injection should have some worried. It’s a measure that seems to be straight out of the Old West, but then again Utah isn’t trying to make any friends with their executions either.

Utah Prepares To Reinstate Firing Squad For Death Penalty

Utah To Reinstate Execution By Firing Squad

Utah’s State Senate has passed a bill that will most likely get the governor’s signature on Tuesday. This new bill allows the state to carry out the death panalty by means of a firing squad when lethal injection is not an option. (Image from Wikipedia)

The state has set itself up for a legal method of carrying on death row executions, in the wake of outcries from lethal injections in other states. In some cases where botched lethal injections were reported, inmates spent unusual amounts of time writhing in agony, and going through some unexpected torture. Truthfully, anyone worthy of a lethal injection is probably not supposed to be granted any more mercy than they allowed their victims.

Now that pentobarbitol has been nearly impossible for most states to get a hold of, there are many executions across the country being placed on hold. The legal system should probably not exercise such leniency for these types of inmates, and should probably each opt back to the methods of execution they once used before lethal injections became the norm.

For states like Arizona, that would mean reinstating the gas chamber. For others, that might mean the electric chair, or hanging. Either way, justice should be carried on with or without the most preferred methods available. These are death row inmates we are talking about here, not jay walkers and drunk drivers.

Utah Prepares To Reinstate Firing Squad For Death Penalty.

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