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Get Ready To Celebrate Pi Day March 14th 2015

March 14, 2015 will be known as Pi Day, since the date most closely resembles the numerical value for the number known as Pi. Pi is a special number that helps us determine the area of a circular object, and the number also appears to go on for infinity in a non-repetitive sequence. Pi is best known in mathematics as 3.141592653 (or often just 3.14). On March 14th at precisely 9:26 and 53 seconds the date and time will be and that’s about as close as you could possible get time to representing that value. Now, nothing outrageous is expected to occur because the arrangement of numbers on this awesome day, but it’s going to be fun for nerds to celebrate it worldwide.

Get Ready To Celebrate Pi Day March 14th 2015

March 14th Is Pi Day

March 14, 2015 will go down in history as the most celebrated Pi Day to date. The phenomenon has only really occurred a few times since the widespread use of its value. (Image from PiDay.com)

Pi was first calculated many years ago, and is basically arrived at by trying to measure the area or volume of a circular or spherical object. The tricky part about this is that unless you measure the volume with a circle or sphere of the same exact size, you will be stuck putting an infinite number of smaller and smaller polygons into the shape to determine its volume.

Due to this impossibly infinite conundrum, Pi has that signature non-repetitive fractoid left over after the decimal. There are many who have attempted to memorize the digits within Pi, and some have memorized an impressive number of sequences after the decimal point. What’s more, is that scientists have used computer programs to help calculate the value of Pi out to the trillions of digits and there is still no repetitive sequence found.

Whether you choose to celebrate Pi Day by stuffing your face with some oxymoronic Pie on March 14th, or just sit around binge watching episodes of Big Bang Theory, stay classy and enjoy the day. It will only happen once in your lifetime.

Get Ready To Celebrate Pi Day March 14th 2015.

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