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Cancer Survivor Thanks Hot Sauce for Saving his Life

Talk about bizarre life saving experiences, and this one totally beats it. It turns out, getting himself enrolled into a spontaneous hot sauce challenge actually helped Randy Schmitz, 30, from Orland Park, Illinois, get diagnosed with cancer at the right time.

Apparently, Randy, who is now a cancer survivor and has recovered from his condition, was on a vacation with his family in South California last summer when he stopped by at a hot sauce store called Pepper Palace.

It turns out, Randy signed up for the store’s hot sauce challenge that required the contestants to dip a toothpick in hot sauce and place it on their tongue.

“I’ve done some other challenges in the past– this was possibly the worst one,” Schmitz said. “I made it the five minutes. My sister then said she wanted to take the challenge, but I said, ‘You might want to hold off, I’m feeling really sick.'”

“My head was feeling really off,” he added. “Next thing I know, I wake up in a stretcher in a hospital hallway covered in vomit and I had no clue what had happened.

Cancer Survivor Thankful for Hot Sauce He Says Saved His Life

Cancer Survivor Thankful for Hot Sauce He Says Saved His Life

What happened was that Schmitz had suffered from a seizure, and after his MRI scans came out, it was revealed that he had a cancerous brain tumor. A few days following this incident, Schmitz got back home to Illinois and got his tumor removed at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Finally, Schmitz has now finished undergoing his radiation treatments just in time for his wedding. He is now enjoying his life as a newlywed, and yes, Schmitz is thankful for the hot sauce that saved his life.

“They don’t know exactly how long it was there, so it would have just kept growing and might have gotten to the point where they couldn’t remove it,” he added. “My life would have been over.”

As for the owner of Pepper Palace, the store where Schmitz took the hot sauce challenge, “We are honored to have been a part of this story and we are humbled to know something as simple as a hot sauce can make such a difference.”

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