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Kelly Johanneson Milked Fake Breast Cancer For Over $4G In Donations

Breast cancer is currently one of the “hottest” charity causes in the US. In fact, it has been for a few years now getting just about anyone to wear pink in order to raise awareness for one specific type of cancer.

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Some say the popularity of the cause made it ripe for felony and scandal. They were right. According to sources at Fox, 36 year-old Kelly Johanneson of Citrus County, Florida is presently facing third-degree felony charges following an investigation by local authorities. Detectives say Johanneson faked having breast cancer and collected literally thousands of dollars in donations from her family and friends.

Officials state Johanneson went missing for one month in late 2013. She then returned home to Citrus County informing the community that she had been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

Johanneson soon collected $4,400 from a GoFundMe.com fundraising page set up by her family and friends. There was also a community fundraising event held in her honor by the Citrus County Airborne Alliance which brought in additional funds.

In September 2014 investigators received a tip that Johanneson may have possibly been faking her breast cancer. They interviewed members of her family and discovered that she had not ever brought her any of her relatives along to her doctor’s appointments.

Johanneson surrendered the names of her physicians and all of her medical paperwork. The investigative team went to the Moffit Cancer Center. There they were told by various center employees that they had never even heard of Johanneson.

The Florida State Attorney’s Office then took on the case. At present, the fraudulent female Floridian is facing charges of “organized fraud” which is considered a third-degree felony.

Detective John Bergen told the press: “It just seems so implausible that someone would use a horrible illness like cancer for personal gain. Johanneson hurt so many people; from people that loved her to people that hardly knew her but wanted to help.”

Kelly Johanneson Milked Fake Breast Cancer For Over $4G In Donations

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