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Police: Motive In Stamford Killing Was Spilled Coffee

Police in Stamford, Conn. have confirmed that the motive behind the brutal murder of Antonio Muralles was because he bumped into and spilled coffee on two people passing by him outside of a McDonald’s.

A Connecticut man and a teenager were charged with murder after police say they stabbed Muralles to death last Wednesday night.

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James McLamb (Photo provided by the Stamford Police Dept.)

Police say 22-year-old James McLamb and an unidentified 15-year-old attacked 52-year-old Muralles on Broad Street after he accidentally spilled his coffee on them.

“It’s very sad to think about,” said Muralles’ family friend Wendy Palma to Wish TV. “It’s hard.”

“Nowadays something so simple can tick off anyone,” she said.

Police say the 15-year-old stabbed Muralles and McLamb beat him.

“It looks like the victim tried to apologize to get away from these guys,” said Lt. Dietrich Hohn. “Unfortunately, the 15-year-old juvenile was the instigator and kept going at him.”

According to officials, firefighters were responding to an unrelated call around 8:15 p.m. when they saw Muralles collapse to the ground near a street corner. The firefighters started to treat the victim and found a stab wound to his chest, police said. Muralles underwent emergency surgery at Stamford Hospital, but died early Thursday morning. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death a stab wound to the heart, Wish TV reported.

The act of violence has left many in the community at a loss for words and devastated.

“As word got out this was such a senseless, tragic incident, we had people coming forward and giving us tips,” said Capt. Richard Conklin.

Police also attribute hours of surveillance video for helping as well. There were about three others with McLamb and the juvenile, including a woman. Police say they believe the group was on a mission to hurt someone.

“Throughout the day they were arguing, saying they were going to harm someone,” said Capt. Conklin.

McLamb was charged with first-degree murder on Sunday and is being held on $2 million bond. The juvenile was also slapped with a first-degree murder charge, and was taken into custody without incident on Monday morning. He may be charged as an adult and is expected to be in court today.

Police say a third person will likely also be arrested.

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