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Scientists Say Men Are Dumber Than Women


The 20 year study on an annual evaluation of the most idiotic ways in which people die, called the Darwin Awards has recently found that 90% of all stupid deaths occur to men.



The award is named after the famous scientist responsible for the evolution theory because the nominated people improve the gene pool by removing themselves from mankind in numerous exceptionally stupid methods.

Included in the list of candidates was a terrorist who thoughtlessly opened up his own letter bomb when it returned to him after posting the letter without sufficient stamps and a man who stole a ride home attaching a shopping trolley on the back of a train just to be dragged 2 miles to his own death before being able to stop.

Another case is the one about a thief who tried to steal a steel cable from the shaft of an elevator and detached it while standing inside the elevator which caused the lift to plummet to the ground killing the man inside it. Another example is the man who wanted to show his friends that the spy pen weapon he had was real and shot himself in the head with it.

Out of the 332 verified nominations, 14 of them were eliminated from the analysis as they were submitted by couples who were in most cases extremely adventurous and in compromising positions.

Of the remaining 318 valid nominations, 282 of them were honored to men and only 36 of them to women. This means that out of all 318 stupid deaths examined, 88.7 percent were men’s. This gender difference completely agrees with the male idiot theory (MIT) which says that men are complete idiots and that idiots tend to do idiotic things.

The researchers behind the study saying men are more stupid have confessed that the research may be subject to limitations as women are more likely to propose men for Darwin Award, or that the difference in sexes could possibly reflect the differences in alcohol consumption between women and men.

The researchers consider that the male idiot theory needs further examination and they intend to continue with a study of women and men with and without alcohol consumption in a Christmas party environment as the festive season draws closer.

Scientists Say Men Are Dumber Than Women.

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