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US Military Loses Unmanned Predator Drone Over Syria

The US has been striking against ISIS troops for many months now, and today marks the very first time that the United States Military has lost any air assets in the armed conflict. It is still too early to tell the cause of the drone’s disappearance, since it could be related to equipment failure, hostile fire, or other anti-aircraft defenses. Drones are used on a regular basis to conduct reconnaissance, due to their relatively quiet operation, lower than average radar signature, and their ability to stay in flight for long periods of time without refueling or the need for crew breaks. Most drones, though launched overseas near their targets, are actually operated remotely on US Military bases all across the globe.

US Military Loses Unmanned Predator Drone Over Syria

US Reports Losing 1st Predator Drone In Fight Against ISIS

A General Atomics Predator Drone was reported missing over Syrian skies on Tuesday. (Image from Wikipedia)

The Predator, being an unmanned aerial vehicle, did not put any American lives at risk today with it being lost over Syria. Even if the Syrian or Islamic State forces managed to shoot the drone down from the sky, nobody was on board to be harmed. The details of this particular flight’s mission are still highly classified, and not much could be said about the incident.

The news of the Predator’s disappearance coincided with a Syrian report on Tuesday which mentioned that Syrian Air Defenses successfully shot down a US aircraft. No other aircraft were reported missing on Tuesday, so the report may in fact be confirming from their end that they are claiming responsibility for the lost drone. The Syrian news services may have also been embellishing a story, in which the drone may have been observed after crashing, and someone claiming responsibility for the accident as their shot at fame or infamy. While the US military is helping to combat the Islamic State forces which threaten Syria and Iraq, the Syrian government still has many distruct issues with the US military and does not fully support our actions in their country.

US Military Loses Unmanned Predator Drone Over Syria.

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