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One-Way Ticket To Mars Is A Scam?


Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin/Image: Flickr

Is the Mars One space mission a scam? Former NASA researcher Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland, one of 100 finalists for the Mars One space mission, is now claiming the mission is a hopelessly flawed plan that will undoubtedly fail.

Mars One, of course, is a non-profit organization located in the Netherlands. The company has previously released plans to put the first human beings on Mars in order to found a permanent human settlement there no later than 2025.

Thousands of interested persons applied. Only 100 applicants were put on the short list Roche himself told the press he did not initially take the application seriously.

More recently, however, he has had some concerns. He said that media reports claim that “200,000 people applied” to spend the rest of their days on Mars but that it was actually only 2,761. Roche has also struck out at the Mars One mission’s “secretive” selection process.

He criticized how the final-stage applicants are ranked by a points system and rewarded based upon who raises the most money for the project. Roche also stated that the astronaut selection process utilized by Mars One is insufficient when compared to the NASA process which is reportedly rigorous and requires all applicants to have a minimum of 1,000 hours of flight experience prior to the actual training.

Mars One told the fifth estate that applicants will undergo a psychological screening to reduce the list of candidates to 24. These remaining participants will then train in six teams of four.


Is Mars One just a scam?/Image:UWingU

At present, Mars One has yet to finalize any of its desired contracts with such commercial spaceflight companies as SpaceX and Paragon for spacecraft, rocket or even life support gear.

Mars One has yet to begin construction nor has a training facility been selected. Roche, despite his misgivings, has yet to formally withdraw his application to the project as this goes to press.

One-Way Ticket To Mars Is A Scam?

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