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Pressure To Raise Minimum Wage to $9 Being Led By Large Retailers

For a few years now, labor groups and minimum wage earners have been voicing their concerns for being able to earn a livable wage at a minimum wage job. At first nearly all companies laughed at the idea, but slowly over time there has been a gradual shift in thought. Some cities first opted to increase their local minimum wage, which proved to create an economic boom with the lower class’s new found money. All of a sudden retailers in Seattle and other voluntary cities started to climb. Now, with an effort championed by the nations least likely business, Walmart is leading the way with $9 per hour minimum wage at all of their stores starting in April.

Pressure To Raise Minimum Wage to $9 Being Led By Large Retailers

Walmart Raising Minimum Wage To 9 Dollars

Walmart has announced that they are raising their minimum wage to $9 at all US stores. They also plan to raise it to over $10 per hour starting some time next year. (Image from Wikipedia)

Not only will Walmart be raising their minimum wage to $9 per hour in April, but sometime next year they are planning to raise it once again to $10 per hour. Walmart had taken the largest amount of flak for being cheapskates in the employment field. While employing the largest amount of workers in the country, many of them relied on government assistance or second jobs just to survive at a poverty level. There are still some industries that are feeling the pressure to pay up, but many are resisting.

Other major retailers such as TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshalls have all announced that they too will be increasing their minimum wages to $9 an hour. None of them have spoken as to whether or not they will also be raising it again to $10 next year like Walmart plans to.

Fast food is an industry that is still struggling to find a reason to raise wages. McDonalds has been struggling financially as they continue to lose customers and return business month after month. So far the company has blamed their marketing, and has turned to gimmick advertising like the “Pay with Lovin” campaign. In actuality, if McDonalds executives actually just listened to their employees and consumers, they would know that we want them to participate in higher minimum wages, as well as providing better quality food. Enough with the cheap $1 menu items, start feeding us real food that’s worth a couple more dollars, and give your employees something to live off of.

Pressure To Raise Minimum Wage to $9 Being Led By Large Retailers.

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