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Why Is The US Tired Of Unions? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why is the US tired of unions?” you ask?  Good question. (Besides, even a political question beats answering any question about private parts. Seriously! What are we? Your mom?)


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According to The Washington Times, 25 states—half the country—now have right-to-work laws. While a right-to-work law does not prohibit any union. An RTW law just “gives individual workers the freedom to choose whether to financially support a union as a job condition.”

The country is tired of unions. Maybe people are tired of gas prices and the like going up because of one small group. Maybe they’re just tired of not having a choice.

While workers have not been formally forced to join a union since a Supreme Court ruling in 1963, Stephen Moore of The Daily Signal confirms that “in a non-right-to-work state, if employees do not pay union dues or fees, they can lose their jobs. So to work at a unionized facility in non-right-to-work states, you must, in effect, join the union by paying up to 100 percent of the dues and living under the collective bargaining agreement.”

He states: “No payment to the union means no job. If that isn’t coercion, what is? When a robber sticks a knife in your face and says your money or your life, do you really think you have a choice?”


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Moore also confirms that many workers have decided “union fees aren’t worth it.” In numerous union shops, skilled workers believe “they can advance faster in the company and earn more by not being covered under a one-size-fits-all union contract.” He adds, some workers don’t “want to pay for the high salaries and perks of union bosses.”

Workers are tired of union politics too. The WP reports that “the union officials make it nearly impossible for workers to retrieve (political) payments once they are withheld from the paycheck.” The National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation, Inc., discovered that “based on audits of union financial statements in litigation,” that in numerous cases more than half of union dues paid aren’t “for bargaining of contracts but partisan political activities,” like election advertisements “or other extravagant expenses incurred by the labor bosses.”

Even statistics are against present-day unions. The Daily Signal reports that “over the decade ending in 2013, right-to-work states have experienced a higher rate of job growth (8.6 percent) than non-right-to-work states (3.7 percent). The truth is that while union bosses say RTW means “right to work for less; workers who work for less are those in the required-union states whose jobs have gone. They don’t collect a paycheck at all anymore.

Why is the US tired of unions? Now you know.

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