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Islamic State Expanding Its Influence Worldwide Sparking Security Concerns

Tunis, Tunisia – The Islamic State have claimed responsibility for this week’s attack on helpless tourists at a Museum in Tunisia. This country is far from the front lines of Syria and Iraq, and has many fearing that the terrorist group may be expanding rapidly. Nobody seems to really know exactly how big the Islamic State’s militarized forces are, but there have been some estimates recently well over 50,000 in numbers. That makes their forces a very sizable terrorist organization. One thing that they have been able to do well is to recruit new fighters to their cause, and they may have just successfully done that in Tunisia.

Islamic State Expanding Its Influence Worldwide Sparking Security Concerns

ISIS Expanding Influence Around The World

The Islamic State has been seen in recent months and weeks to be significantly expanding it sphere of influence around the world. (Image from WIkipedia)

Afghanistan has already confirmed that the Islamic State has successfully set up some sort of operating base within their border, and that there have been groups of Al Qaeda and Taliban switching allegiance to fight under their banner. This did not come as too much of a surprise, given the lax borders in Afghanistan and its history of terrorists. Tunisia comes as a bit of a surprise to many.

It seems that where ever there might be a radical Islamist, or even an eager sympathizer, that there is a great possibility for them to take control of them. Rather than strictly recruiting for troops to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight on the front lines, ISIS has decided recently to flip the script and instead empower and encourage would-be terrorists to stay at home and wreak havoc there. These fighters in Tunisia may have been homegrown terrorists sympathetic to ISIS, and who wished to do something drastic to prove their allegiance.

Attacking the Museum in broad daylight was a bold move that was sure to capture international attention, since they knew there would be international tourists there at the time. The big and obvious cruise ships had docked for the day, and the passengers boarded buses and other transportation to be carted around town. This was a prime time for these guerrillas to strike.

Sadly, there are even ISIS supporters and possibly even ISIS recruiters inside countries like the United States. Border Patrol agents have been finding an alarming amount of Islamic prayer rugs and other trademark items scattered in the desert between Arizona and Mexico. These findings could signify that there are terrorists sneaking into the country using the same routes as the Mexican and Central American immigrants.

Islamic State Expanding Its Influence Worldwide Sparking Security Concerns.

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