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President Obama Urges Iranians To Welcome Better US Relations

Tehran, Iran – US President Barrack Obama seems to be on a streak with foreign relations this year. The president has agreed to working together with Cuba to end a life-long embargo, and recently suggested that the Iranian government move towards a stronger relationship with the United States. It has only been about 40 years since the US/Iran relationship was spoiled. Prior to that, Iran and the US got along quite nicely. It may be time, just like with Cuba, that both parties set their differences aside and work things out.

President Obama Urges Iranians To Welcome Better US Relations

US And Iranian Diplomats Shake Hands

President Obama spoke in light of political changes that may be coming in the near future. He urged the government of Iran to seize the moment now to tighten relations with the US. (Image from Wikipedia)

The root of a lot of recent tension between the US and Iran has been focused around Iran’s nuclear sovereignty, and foreign powers trying to limit that ability. John Kerry has traveled many times to speak with Iranian diplomats to discuss some sort of arrangement where Iran would be able to keep their nuclear power, but give up some control of the supplies and waste. So far it has not gone well, but Iran has remained open to talks from time to time.

With all of the terrorist activity surrounding Iran’s borders, and the somewhat joint alliance of Iranian and US military to combat ISIS, now is reportedly the best time to forge peace. The Iranian government and US government are aligned to some of the same goals at this point in the region, and this could be a great time for us to use our commonalities to become friends once again.

Hard core religious types still seem to rebuke the idea of peace with the US, but there are many who have become more receptive of the idea over time.

President Obama Urges Iranians To Welcome Better US Relations.

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