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27 Percent Of Teenagers Confess To Changing Clothes While Driving

27 percent of teenagers admit they will sometimes change clothes and shoes while driving. According to a new study just published this week in the Journal of Transportation Safety and Security, teen drivers do a lot of disturbing things while behind the wheel. They will do things like put on makeup, change contact lenses and even do homework.


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These findings are the results of a survey of approximately 1,000 drivers between the ages of 14 and 18 in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Participants were specifically questioned as to what they believe to be actually distracting while driving.

Assistant professor of transportation engineering at Oregon State University and lead researcher David Hurwitz told NPR he was unaware of the level of multitasking in which the teen drivers engaged. He and his team were also surprised about the fact that teens sometimes changed clothes while driving.

What the researchers thought was worse was that the teen drivers appeared to be unaware of the risks involved with driving distracted. “Teens are busy, I guess”, he added.


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While the young drivers may well be changing their clothing or doing their homework behind the wheel, the investigative team had some good news too. Fewer teen drivers reported texting while driving than did in prior research. The data does, however, show 40 percent of teenagers still may text while driving but the behavior is still gradually becoming “less common.”

The researchers also held workshops with the teenagers in order to demonstrate to them just how difficult it was to concentrate on doing two simple tasks simultaneously such as writing numbers on a chalkboard and talking on the phone even when not actually driving. Following the completion of the workshops the majority of the teen drivers had learned how little it took to become distracted while behind the wheel of an auto mobile.

27 Percent Of Teenagers Confess To Changing Clothes While Driving

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