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Africans Blast Boko Haram Troops In Nigeria, 20 Plus Killed

The Islamic Extremist group known as Boko Haram has been ravaging African nations and terrorizing people. They have been known to participate in and coordinate deadly attacks and kidnappings. In some cases they have attacked buses killing scores of people and other times they have razed entire villages killing people by the hundreds. They are a serious threat to the peace in these African nations, and their mere presence is unwanted. When some intelligence came in that there was a gathering of Boko Haram troops, government troops seized the opportunity to attack.

Africans Blast Boko Haram Troops In Nigeria, 20 Plus Killed

Boko Haram Attack

Chad launched an offensive against Boko Haram troops who had been assembling on the Nigerian border. (Image from Wikipedia)

Troops from nearby Chad attacked the Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria, with the aid of helicopters and other high tech weaponry. The terrorists had appeared to be gathering on a border town in Nigeria, and may have been preparing to launch an attack in the near future into Chad. Nigerian forces have been exhausted by Boko Haram, and their government can hardly afford to continue to support operations against the terrorists. This has left countries like Chad little choice but to launch offensives into Nigerian soil to thwart potential attacks.

Boko Haram differs only slightly in their goals compared to their Middle Eastern counterpart ISIS. They both are terrorizing at-risk nations to exploit an opportunity to establish their own system of government based upon Sharia law and Islam. Neither group has stopped at killing other Islamic people that they feel are inferior to their standards either. They fight a somewhat religiously based war, but are doing so with brutal tactics and ruthless engagement. While the rest of the world seems more focused on combating ISIS, Boko Haram seems to the thriving down in Africa and may some day be a threat to nations far outside its current borders.

Africans Blast Boko Haram Troops In Nigeria, 20 Plus Killed.

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