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Campaigners Call For Legal Marijuana In New Jersey

This past Saturday approximately 200 people gathered near the State House in Trenton, New Jersey to show their support for the legalization of marijuana. According to an anonymous source from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some of the people present were freely smoking marijuana.  No arrests, however, were made.


Marijuana supporter/Image: IScienceTimes

The demonstration attracted a rather diverse group. Many in attendance spoke in support of the decriminalizing and/or legalization of marijuana. Others there felt marijuana should be legalized solely for medical use for patients diagnosed by a physician.

The man in charge of the event was Ed Forchion. Forchion is a reported pro-marijuana activist known in some circles as “New Jersey Weedman.” He once more voiced his opinions and once more urged New Jersey lawmakers to legalize marijuana and stated that cannabis should be legislated in the same way as alcohol.

Just last week the state issued its first standards for various edible forms of medical-class marijuana. This could soon lead to New Jersey’s three dispensaries to begin producing and marketing marijuana edibles for medical use.

Marijuana supporter/Image: YouTube

Forchion additionally complimented the work of Senator Cory Booker. Booker is working with his fellow, who has joined forces with Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky and fellow Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York to promote a bill that would drop federal prohibitions on medical marijuana in 23 states where it is currently legal. The proposed bill would permit physicians at veterans’ hospitals to prescribe pot for medical use and also allow banks to provide checking accounts and various other financial services to marijuana dispensaries.

Previous Penn State penman Jack S. Chesney, a freelance writer who has researched cannabis since he was a teenager said: “Yes, pot is a drug. However, it is natural and legalizing it in New Jersey certainly could not hurt the state in any way. Chesney concluded: “Handling marihuana the way they currently regulate alcohol is a great idea. Marijuana has been demonized for too long.”

Call For Legal Marijuana In New Jersey

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