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Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania lawmakers held a joint hearing yesterday on legalizing medical marijuana. The State House Health and Judiciary Committees met in Philadelphia. They discussed both the various the practical implications of legalizing medical marijuana as well as its potential effect on the state’s health care professionals.

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Numerous medical associations were present to speak on the topic of medical marijuana. The speaking roster included representatives from the Pennsylvania Neurology Society, the Pennsylvania Medical Society and The Coalition for Medical Marijuana from New Jersey. Medical experts and pot pundits who testified before the committees were generally in agreement that medical marijuana can actually aid in treating different symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The Pennsylvania Medical Society even presented a study titled, “Is Marijuana Medicine.” The paper concluded there is a cogent case for a sincere scientific study on the prospective medical use of marijuana. It also suggested it be used in a conservative manner until more scientific data is readily available.

Opinions were far from unanimous though regarding the question of whether or not the state of Pennsylvania should unite with 23 other states in green-lighting marijuana for general medical use. One anonymous source told the press: “In our opinion there is no compelling at this time to legalize medical marijuana.”

Another source that preferred to remain anonymous argued: “No one has ever died from an overdose of medical marijuana. In fact, there is no lethal dose for marijuana.”

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Rep. Marcy Toepel (R-Montgomery County) stated that yesterday’s meeting was but the first of a series of three “fact-finding hearings” the two committees have booked this spring. She concluded: “We’ll see if there’s a bill that we’d like to draft to address the issue.  And there are already a number of bills that legislators in the House are working on.  It could be a new bill, it could be one of the bills that are already out there.”

Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Legalizing Medical Marijuana 

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