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Tinder Hacked, 100s Of Straight Men Flirt With Each Other

April Fools’ Day came early this year as a Hacker known only as “Patrick” disrupted the dating app Tinder causing hundreds of heterosexual men to unknowingly flirt with each other. According to various online sources including The Verge the reportedly “one-night-stand dating app” was specifically targeted in order “to give men a taste of their own medicine.”


Tinder is hacked/Image: ManRepeller

Tinder essentially allows users to peruse pictures of other users. Users swipe their finger in one direction if they are interested in someone and in another direction if they are uninterested. If a couple of users swipe each other’s pictures in the interested direction the primarily heterosexual dating app will connect them through a specific interface that allows them to chat.

The hacker known as Patrick reportedly created a large albeit yet unknown quantity of fake profiles on Tinder. When two men would swipe a fraudulent profile they would be connected to each other all the time thinking that they were connected to a woman and not another hetero male.

It did not take much time before Tinder became very heated as Patrick supposedly kept track of over 40 different “private” conversations between his unknowing victims. He allegedly monitored that various chats only to make sure things didn’t go too far. Patrick apparently did not want any “in-person” dates to occur.


Tinder is hacked/Image: MOVData

Patrick claimed the sole purpose of his hacking was simply to give heterosexual men “a taste of their own medicine.” Patrick told The Verge that his female friends would frequently complain about the type of messages they received on Tinder.

This initially inspired him to transfer messages that his numerous false accounts received to a public Twitter account to tweet automatically. After he discovered how “surprisingly easy” it was to gerrymander Tinder and its API, he chose to raise the stakes by engaging in “same-sex” matchmaking with unsuspecting heterosexual males caught up in his hacker hijinks.

Tinder Hacked, 100s Of Straight Men Flirt With Each Other

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