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Visa Denied to Mexican Transplant Patient. Twice.

Jose Chua is suffering from a critical health condition. He needs a transplant of two organs for living. The procedure can be carried out in the United States but his visa application has been denied twice. Since the situation is quite urgent, Chua has applied for the third time, in the hopes that he would be able to travel to the Mayo Clinic for the transplant.

Mexican Transplant Patient Denied Visa By U.S. Twice Photo Credit: Flickr

Mexican Transplant Patient Denied Visa By U.S. Twice
Photo Credit: Flickr

This twenty year old young man was born with just one heart ventricle, thus blood can only travel in one of his chambers which leads to circulation problems. To make things worse, he also faces liver damage. The double-organ transplant he needs is not done in his country which gives him reason to go to the US. However his luck is not very well since he has been denied visa.

The reason cannot be revealed of the rejection since the information is confidential. He was applying for a tourist visa, which is what most people issue to get medical treatment in the US.

Chua has received help from the Consejo de Latinos Unidos, which is a group that helps uninsured individuals to get the medical treatment that they deserve. According to Kevin Forbes, the group’s director, the new application of the Mexican is being expedited.

“The problem goes beyond Jose… The situation has become complicated and raises doubts as to the motives of why a consulate would deny a visa on two occasions and did not directly offer a humanitarian visa,” said Forbes.

Chua’s mother Myra Lopez thinks that the reason Chua was denied visa is due to the concerns of how would he be able to financially support himself for the trip. Chua’s friends and family have raised over 15000 dollars to offset some of the initial treatment costs at the Mayo Clinic.

5 years back, Chua did have a US visa but due to financial reasons, his family did not renew it when it expired.

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