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2016 Smart ForTwo Could Help Revive Dying Brand

The current 2015 Smart ForTwo is seeming like a bit of a relic, and all of it’s initial cutesy buzz has died off. What they currently offer is really just an over-priced two-seater car that gets marginally good gas mileage and minimal creature comforts. The ForTwo has never been a be-all end-all kind of car, but it serves its purpose. In Europe and other small car markets, the car is probably a godsend, but in America it is more of a gimmick. Even with current $99/month leasing specials going on for a couple years now, Smart Cars are still sitting around on dealer’s lots collecting dusts. That’s if you can even still find a dealer that sells them anymore.

2016 Smart ForTwo Could Help Revive Dying Brand

2016 Smart ForTwo

The upcoming Smart ForTwo promises to address some of the previous car’s shortcomings. Namely the transmission and the engine power. (Image from SmartUSA)

The 2016 Smart ForTwo comes to us soon as a mostly new car, that addresses some of the previous car’s shortcomings. One of the biggest complaints about the Smart 451 model is that the transmission is such an odd character. The only transmission option currently available in the US has been a 5-speed automated manual. We aren’t talking about any ordinary autmatic transmission that just allows you to tap the gear selector to change gears, but one that actually makes long and noticeably disconnected gear changes that feel just like a 16 year old learning to work a clutch pedal for the first time. Perhaps if Smart had fixed that one simple issue early on, the car may not have lost so much interest so quickly.

The next 2016 model addresses the current transmission issues by at least offering a 6-speed Dual Clutch automatic, that will most likely feel very solid by comparison. No more sloppy shifts, since the dual clutch gearbox will likely make very sharp transitions between gears. The additional gearing may also provide a bit more options in the power band for the ForTwo to move around in around town.

Next up are the potential engine options. It seems like they are still planning to offer the same 1.0L 3-cylinder engine with 71 horsepower, which really is already adequate enough as is to get around town without making an attempt to pass anybody. In Europe they plan to offer a smaller, yet more powerful turbocharged engine that we hope will also make its way to the US. The turbo model is predicted to offer a more aggressive torque curve, better peak power output, and also some fairly nice gas mileage increases. Under light engine load and cruising in 6th gear, you can bet that the 2016 Smart ForTwo will manage to reach somewhere in the 40+ mpg range.

The dimensions of the Smart ForTwo remain virtually the same as the existing model, so it won’t be too big to park where the current one parks. There is no official word yet on whether Smart will offer a 4 door model, or a sportier car like they offer overseas. Perhaps if Smart took a full-hearted attempt at launching the brand stateside they could pull their sales out of the gutter.

2016 Smart ForTwo Could Help Revive Dying Brand.

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