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iPhone Thief Posts Selfies On Facebook, Gets Busted By Mom

An unidentified 17 year-old iPhone thief’s love of selfies led to her downfall. The iPhone’s owner, 23 year-old Denver area resident Rawley Bingham, said she was at a nightclub on March 21 at approximately 2 a.m. when a stranger approached and got close to her.


Steal a phone, get busted by your mom because you take lots of selfies/Image: Imgur

Bingham told 9News: “She leaned in to say something into my ear. Things were loud, and I felt a tug on my purse.” Before she realized it, her iPhone and the younger woman were gone.

Bingham told the press that that although the thief was able to disable the “find my iPhone” feature on the iPhone, she was unaware of another feature. Bingham’s iPhone was set to automatically send all iPhone photos to a private folder on her Facebook page.

On Monday she found numerous selfies taken by the suspect. All in all, nearly three dozen photos taken with the stolen iPhone were uploaded to the folder. Bingham contacted the Denver police and reported her iPhone has been stolen at the nightspot near 27th and Welton streets in Denver, Colorado by a woman who was later identified as “Lil Momma.”

Bingham told her local TV station: “There’s a lot of selfies of her around downtown Denver. She had a great Sunday.” She also stated she has not reported the phone stolen to her cell-phone carrier because she was hoping to convince the suspect to return the iPhone.


Selfie-loving cell thief/Image: Imgur

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers offered a $2,000 reward for information about the girl in the photos. The thief’s mother, who learned of the crime, confiscated the phone in order to turn it over to the authorities.

Police have recently confirmed the iPhone was returned. They have not identified the selfie-taking suspect because she is a minor. As this goes to press the authorities had not yet determined if charges would be filed.

iPhone Thief Posts Selfies On Facebook, Gets Busted By Mom

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