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Driver Who Killed 2 In Mobile Home Car Crash Had Lengthy Arrest Record

A driver accused of plowing into a Florida mobile home early Wednesday morning – killing two people who were asleep and their unborn child – had an extensive arrest record according to Manatee County.

mobile home car crash

(Photo: Christian Crawford/Manatee County (Fla. Sheriff’s Office)

The driver of the SUV, Christian Crawford, 35, of Bradenton, Fla., has been arrested numerous times in Manatee County, most recently in August on a charge of criminal registrant felony. Officials have not yet determined what charges, if any, he will face in connection to Wednesday’s fatal crash, which remains under investigation.

Crawford’s SUV was heading northbound on U.S. 41 at about 2:30 a.m. ET when it crossed the median and southbound lanes, crashed through a fence and plowed into the back of a residence at a mobile home park, Palmetto Police told USA Today.

Two people sleeping inside were killed on impact, with the woman being in advanced stages of pregnancy. Her unborn child also died, police said. Police have not identified the victims but say they were a man and woman in their early 20s.

Neighbor Luis Urbina described the crash that woke him up to USA Today. “It was a big boom,” he said. “I thought it was a tree that fell.”

He added that he could hear family members screaming and went to help.

One of the victim’s younger brother said he heard the familiar sounds of a crash outside his home, but this time suspected something was different.

“I knew it hit the house because the whole thing shook,” he said.

He ran outside and screamed his brother’s name, he said to the Bradenton Herald. He searched the rubble, calling out his brother’s name when he found him.

“He was there by the bed,” he said. He added that the woman was nine months pregnant and due this month.

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