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Photo Of Noose On Duke Campus Sparks Social Media Outrage

A noose found hanging from a tree outside Duke University’s student center early Wednesday morning has sparked nationwide outrage across multiple social media sites.

The noose has since been removed from the tree; however photos taken have widely circulated and prompted social media outrage.


(Photo: Facebook)

Several Twitter users expressed their anger writing: “The idea that hanging a noose on Duke campus could pass at a joke displays the depths of their racism.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Last week a black student was taunted with the SAE chant… Today a noose was found tied to a tree on the BC Plaza.”

Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta described the act as both “hateful and stupid” in an e-mail sent to students early Wednesday morning.

“I can’t begin to describe the disgust and anger I felt, and still feel,” Moneta wrote, as reported by USA Today. “Though it has since been removed, the photos are everywhere and its hateful message will sadly pervade and persist for a long time.”

He said the Duke community would provide students with the support necessary to get through the unfortunate incident – expressing hope that the “cowardly act of bias” would help strengthen students resolve to support each other amid a difficult time.

The discovery of the noose comes just two weeks after a black female student alleged that a group of white males chanted a racist song at her. The racist incident prompted Richard Brodhead and Provost Sally Kornbluth to send an e-mail to students with an affirmation to Duke University’s commitment to racial equity.

An investigation is currently underway for the mysterious noose and anyone found responsible will be held accountable for the action, Moneta promised. He asked any students with information regarding the incident to come forward.

Students are also taking matters into their own hands by marching silently today in protest to the noose found on their campus.

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