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Al-Shabab Militants Storm Kenyan University Killing 147

Nairobi, Kenya – A group of 4 masked terrorists from Somalia stormed the dormitories of a university in Kenya, shooting students indiscriminately. The 4 gunmen were members of the terrorist group al-Shabab, which is an extremist Muslim organization. Shots appeared to be fired at students, without regard for religion or creed, as hundreds of students were shot. At least 147 of the students are reported dead so far from Thursday’s brutal attack, as well as the 4 al-Shabab gunmen. Their mission was likely a suicide mission, with the intent of killing as many innocent college students as possible, and making international headlines.

Al-Shabab Militants Storm Kenyan University Killing 147

147 stedents killed by al-shabab militants in kenya

Somali militants from al-Shabab opened fire on students at a university in Nairobi, Kenya killing 147. (Image from Wikipedia)

The attack began so early in the morning, that many students were still asleep in their rooms when shots started firing. They woke up in a panic, as some fled for their lives and others hid. Escape seemed helpless, but yet hundreds still made it to safety. It took what seemed like a lifetime to some of the students before help arrived to neutralize the situation.

After taking out scores of students with their automatic weapons in the early morning hours, they took many students hostage before emergency responders arrived and shot them dead. There were nearly 100 additional students wounded during the armed assault, in addition to those killed. The death toll may rise as the scene is scoured by investigators, and the wounded seek treatment in nearby hospitals.

Al-Shabab had made threats against other Kenyan universities in the recent past, but this attack seemed to begin without warning. Many students at the university are likely to leave, and not return to the school in Nairobi. This attack is the worst single terrorist attack in the student’s lifetime. The death toll from today far exceeded the mall shootings from last year.

Al-Shabab Militants Storm Kenyan University Killing 147.

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