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NCAA President Emmert Talks Good Game About Equality

NCAA President Mark Emmert announced yesterday that the NCAA (the National Collegiate Athletic Association) met with Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana and state legislators regarding the best way to edit the Indiana’s new religious objections law. The association is currently in what was referred to as a “wait and see” phase as it monitors any changes that may occur.


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State lawmakers were processing a revised version of the law yesterday. Emmert put out an official statement early yesterday noting that he was happy with the revisions proposed by Indiana officials. Many feared that the original law would somehow permit discrimination against lesbians and gays. Emmert told the press the law “absolutely, positively” needs to change.

In fact, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, was one of the first organizations to voice a concern about the law when it passed last week. One thing that Emmert and other critics of the legislation have yet to address is how quickly they were able to read the law line by line and analyze it—especially in the case of the NCAA which one would imagine is focused on the Final Four.


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The Final Four is slotted to run this weekend. Emmert told the press the NCAA would consider relocating future games to other states if the law was not revised. One upcoming event booked in the city of Indianapolis is net year’s women’s Final Four.

Emmert also stated that he and some other people in the NCAA first had concerns when no one, not even the governor of Indiana, could not guarantee that the law would not make it possible to discriminate against lesbians and gays. Emmert noted that he would prefer an all-inclusive atmosphere for not only the college athletes but also for the 500 people employed at the NCAA headquarters. He concluded: “The fact is, we have to have an environment that works for us to conduct our affairs.”.

NCAA President Emmert Talks Good Game About Equality

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