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Sailor Lost 66 Days Out At Sea Survived On Rainwater, Raw Fish

On Thursday, the United States Coast Guard rescued a sailor lost at sea; 66 days after Louis Jordan ruined his boat. A bearded, sunburned and dehydrated Jordan was rescued over two months after he had gone missing at sea, during which his family feared he had drowned. Jordan told the Coast Guard he had survived on rainwater, raw fish he caught with a net, and by rationing food he had packed for what was meant to be a fishing trip, the Washington Post reported.

In a phone call to his father following his dramatic rescue, Jordan said he had prayed for himself and his family during his over two months lost at sea. His father answered that he also “prayed and prayed” for his son’s safe return.

In an interview Friday on the Today Show, Louis Jordan said “I was planning on catching some big ones” when he set sail out into the Gulf Stream. “On the way there, my boat capsized. I was actually sleeping, that’s when it happened. The whole boat had turned around and I was flying through the air somersaulting and the ceiling was the floor and the floor was the ceiling and this side was the other side and everything was upside down and backwards.”

He added: “I was just rolling around with all the things, all the objects, all my possessions and electronics and GPS and even my stove had come off of the wall and was flying in the air with me. We’re all just turning around together and I land against the wall and I break my shoulder.”

“It’s amazing,” Jordan’s mother, Norma Davis, told the Associated Press. “It’s been very difficult not knowing anything and I just feel like all of our prayers have come true. They’ve been answered.”

This sailor’s journey began on January 23, when Jordan set sail from the marina in Conway, South Carolina on a short fishing trip. His short fishing trip ended up turning into a castaway situation on the open sea. By the day of his rescue, Jordan had traveled roughly 500 miles from home.

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