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Too Much Ice Tea Could Cause Kidney Failure

The findings of a new study have now revealed that the consumption of ice tea could raise the risk of catastrophic kidney failure- which was exactly what was experienced by a man from Arkansas. This case has now spread awareness among the common public and seems to have encouraged them to be careful about their drinking habits.

The man hit by kidney failure had been to the hospital last year claiming that he was suffering from weakness, nausea, fatigue and aches. After careful investigations, it was revealed that he had huge amounts of Ca salts in his urine, which was surprising as he had no history or kidney stones.

The only fact that caught the interest of the doctors was the fact that the 56 year old admitted drinking around 16 glasses of ice tea daily, which made upto 100 glasses a week.

The researchers believe that this excessive consumption of ice tea could be the only possible reason for kidney failure that affected this man.

Too Much Ice Tea Is Harmful for Your Kidneys

Too Much Ice Tea Is Harmful for Your Kidneys

The doctors also found that the kidney of the patient was clogged and inflamed by oxalate- a food chemical, and now, the man will possibly be put to dialysis for the rest of his like.

The consumption of 16 glasses of ice tea daily could be totaled upto 1500 mg of oxalate a day, which is upto 10 times higher than the average American intake.

While tea is thought to have many benefits associated with its consumption, it should be consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption of tea could increase oxalate levels, which can in turn, lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Apart from tea, oxalate is also present in foods such as spinach, chocolate, rhubarb, nuts and wheat bran.

Kidney specialists consider this case to be quite unusual, considering the fact that they have never asked their patients to stop consuming tea. They believe that ‘excessive’ consumption of tea is what may have caused worsening of the condition.

This case, however, should not mean that tea shouldn’t be consumed- it just clarifies that people need to be extra careful about their portion sizes, even when it comes to something as healthy as tea.

Moderate consumption of tea can infact, not be a problem, and may have many health benefits associated too.

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