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Electric Eel Fish Demystified, Genetic Blueprint Unlocked

The electric eel is not very unknown fish and many people had to suffer from powerful electric shocks that actually emanated from this fish.
But this is the first time that scientists have been able to know the reason behind the electric shock.

Scientists who studied the fish’s gene say that electric eel has developed an organ that creates the electric shock.

Electric Eel/ Photo: Pinterest

Electric Eel/ Photo: Pinterest

Now the scientists have come out with genetic blueprint of the electric eel. Besides, the scientists also came up with genetic data on two other types of electric fish.

This is the first time that so much details have been revealed about the electric fishes.

Electric eels are fearsome species that should be kept at safe distance.

Electric Eels are found in the waters of South America, and are capable of generating a 600volt electric shock through 28ft of still water.

The shock that the electric eel produces is enough to harm any large mammal, including humans.

Electric eels can grow up to 2.5 metres and only need to surface for air every 10 minutes due to the eels complex circulatory system. Electric eels tend to live in muddy beds in calm water, eating fish and small mammals.

Despite the name electric eel, the electric eel is actually related most closely to a catfish and not the common eel fish.

There is no denying the fact that electrical abilities of eel fish are amazing and make them standout when compared to other fishes.

Jason Gallant of Michigan State University zoology says, “It really is something truly unique in the animal kingdom…This only arose in fish because water is a conductor of electricity while air is not. Thus, birds or terrestrial animals could not come up with this”.

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