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Its Official! A Vegan Diet is the Best for You!

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans change every 5 years after being introduced first in the year 1980, and now, the current analysis has revealed new changes in the health and nutritional facts and a set of new guidelines have been introduced in the year 2015.

For the first time ever, the federal guidelines have recommended the general public to avoid consuming meat and dairy products, and stick to a vegan diet. This is probably because meat and dairy products are thought to be the major cause of several illnesses and the rise in obesity.

What’s more, a preliminary report put forth by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has found that a diet rich in plants that contain fewer animal based foods could be good for the organism and also for the environment.

As per the guidelines, ideally, a diet should contain fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products that contain no fat, and whole grains, seafood and nuts. Adults should make sure they stick to moderate consumption of alcohol, and red and processed meats, refined grains and sugar sweetened foods and beverages must be avoided at all costs.

Federal Guidelines Recommend Vegan Diet

Federal Guidelines Recommend Vegan Diet

However, these new regulation seem to be in complete contrast with the current diet followed by a good majority of Americans, which includes high calories, refined sugars, saturated fats and sodium. In such a scenario, expecting the general public to make a complete switch to the diet could not be possible, however, mixed dishes that include a few healthy foods could be helpful.

While the 2015 guidelines are considered daring, the US Secretary of Agriculture believes that it is their rightful job to put forth a set of applicable dietary and nutrition guidelines to be followed.

The recommended daily allowances of diet, which are set by the federal government, will be released soon this year.

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